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Groveland Gears & Grooves Mini-Triathlon

Biking: A three sport event, but not really a full triathlon. The course is a three sport event, you start where you want to start.... Think of it as a "Choose your own adventure!"

Stage One: Swimming!! Swimming the lake at Pine Mountain Lake! Participants start at the Lake Lodge, swim a mile, and end at the Marina.

Stage Two: Ride: Participants will ride from the Marina, east on State Route 120, through the lovely countryside, and up to Rim of the World overlook. The riders will end at the Pine Mountain Lake Stables.

Stage Three: Run: Participants will run from the Pine Mountain Stables, through the airport and outlining areas, and end at Mary Laveroni Park.

The event starts where you want to start, and end where you want it to end. It's your adventure!
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